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HOME SEARCH SERVICES – Automated Home Searches are setup per person or per family and send it via email. This method ensures you see a home the first day it gets put on the market. We also do extensive personal Home Searches based on specific criteria; these can be sent to you via email or by text.  Once you find a potential home you like then we also include setting up tours of any and all homes you would like to tour.

CONTRACT SERVICES – This includes drafting offers, set up ready to negotiate, using official State of Texas contract forms.  We keep track of all forms and documents needed to start and close a deal taking it to the Title Company. 

COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS – We do this CMA for all homes before making an offer to see if the home is worth the asking price and then we structure the offer according to what we find.

REFERRAL SERVICES – We have worked with many Home Inspectors, Loan Officers, Contractors, Title Companies, Insurance Companies and much more that have to do with you Buying or Selling a home.  Just ask and we will send you a few referrals.

NEGOTIATING SERVICES – It may not seem as a service, but we start thinking about negotiating even before we submit an Offer, and it may be the most difficult part to navigate as this can make or break a deal. It is very important to have different negotiating markers set up throughout all transactions to ensure you get the best deal possible. 


COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS – This Free service tells you how much you can list you home for and is the closest thing besides getting your home appraised. This is the first step before putting you house on the market, and we do it even before you become a client of ours.

MARKETING – This is what brings you buyers. We market your property on all the major Web sites buyers are using to search for a home to purchase. On top of that we host Open Houses on your behalf and put out an attractive yard sign. We also market on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

PICTURES – Depending on your situation, we take professional pictures to use them on your listing to attract buyers who want to go and see your property. These pictures range from ground shots, aerial shots, 3D Imaging and or a Virtual Tour.  Professional Pictures attract more potential Buyers. 

LOCKBOX – We use a variety of lockboxes for different reasons. The most secure is a Supra Key Lockbox. This lockbox only give access to Licensed Realtors to show your property. We also use Combination Lockboxes and Dial Lockboxes for Contractors and or for use of the homeowner. 


RENTAL LISTINGS – for homeowners   

HOME RENTAL – for tenants



Our Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to homeowners and home buyers in our community.

Pre-Listing and Listing Service
Marketing Via Print and Internet
Property Management Service
Buyer’s Agent Service
Monitoring Offer Requirements
Ensuring a Smooth Closing